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Expressions Home Gallery

17138 Von Karman Ave Irvine, CA, 92614   |  Call Us: (844) 329-0937

17138 Von Karman Ave
Irvine, CA, 92614
Call Us: (844) 329-0937


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Our Showroom

Visit our showroom for a truly luxurious shopping experience. We understand design is a form of self-expression and have created a hands-on environment where ideas for your kitchen or bath can thrive.

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About Us

Formerly Kiva Kitchen & Bath, Expressions Home Gallery brings Irvine a luxury shopping experience with new products from Kohler and top of the line appliances. Established in 1917, we’ve built a distinguished legacy on providing the optimal experience for our customers, offering dedicated service from the very start and long after a sale is finished. Let our expert product consultants guide and inspire you to realize a new vision for your home, and immerse yourself in our fully-functioning, interactive displays of the most exclusive brands for your kitchen, bath and door & cabinet hardware needs. After all, we believe it’s not just about providing our customers with the products they need – it’s about giving them the lifestyle they desire. Express yourself. We’ll handle the rest.